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Good for both soul and body - Yaron S. - November 2020

Every item on the trip was great, the guidance is excellent, interesting and even innovative for those who know the places from before. The music is pleasant and performed by two gifted musicians and the hospitality around is simply in good taste. This is the first point, the second point is that the various topics like the music, the explanations and the trip are integrated in a natural and precise way. There are both classic works "for the people" and more interesting works, in any case it is an evening pleasant to the ear. It must be noted that even my dog listened most attentively to the music and enjoyed it very much. I would love for it to be featured on this site for some 'likes'. I will definitely come for more trips in the futire!


Israel A - November 2020 - a unique experience

Excellent music with Yedidia on the violin and Daniel on the cello, interesting and pleasant instruction,  not too much digging in details and choosing locations in nature atTel Tzova were charming!
Amazing experience!


Magical - ( Leonnie L - August 2020)

"Super talented, professional maestros of violin and cello, delightful tour guide. A perfect event, makes touring and enjoying a live concert possible even during the coronavirus crisis!"

Wonderful inspiring tour !! - (Nirit - July 2020

"Amazing, wonderful tour! A creative musical and guided tour, inspired by splendid interesting locations, while observing exciting musical performances. A fantastic family environment throughout the whole tour. A very special adventure :)

A journey that is far beyond a regular tour! (Nirit- July 2020)

A great experience, which includes a visit to fascinating and special destinations, interesting explanations and a combination of 

musical pieces in great locations and full of inspiration, which give extra impetus to both the tour and the musical experience. The whole tour is meticulous, wonderfully organized, and full of surprises, with an inspiring family atmosphere.
"Highly recommend!

'The name  'Tour de Sound' summarizes the journey very well - (Martin - July 2020)

Great locations with music and authentic stories. Very well organized, super friendly family production.


Best guided tour in Israel - (Benji - June 2020)

"This was an outstanding guided tour with professional musicians playing beautiful music. I would recommend this experience to anyone!"


Excellent and different touring experience! - (Janett - July 2020

"A really great combination of music and hiking! Organized perfectly, very nice family enterprise and something different! And the pilot tour was free! We were happy to give a donation!"


A musical tour with amazing atmosphere - (Rachel S - June 2020

"Excellent and special experience! The scenery during sunset is stunning the choice of places is good with a selection of" off the beaten track "spots in the Elah Valley area.
The atmosphere of the music in the natural concert halls was magical.
Would love to come again to another tour.
I highly recommend the tour as it is an excellent romantic activity for couples. "

One of the best tours I have experienced lately - (Gavin S - June 2020)

"I will recommend it to anyone I know! The best part was experiencing the Elah Valley sites with their ancient history and beautiful landscapes, and the suprise at the end of the tour (not going to tell u, you just have to come haha) made it just perfect! "

Very relaxing, enjoyable and cultured - (Moshe - June 2020)

"I liked very much the combination of very good guidance, beautiful views and a very professional classical music show.
Highly recommended! "

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